Let’s Get Ready to… Hack and Slaaaaash!

Who needs plot when you can kill overpowered monsters? In Eberron, no less?

Your character is met by an elf with the palest skin you have ever seen, a pure snow-white that is so otherworldly at first, you believe her to be a ghost. She has waist-length hair of the darkest blue-black, and her eyes seem to be a blue rimmed in green. She wears a deep hooded cloak, her cherubic face hidden deep within its folds. She speaks in a voice that sounds like music. Her perfection is only marred by the grasping tendrils of a dragonmark that seems to cover her entire body.

She speaks to you in a hushed whisper of the terrors of the Mournland, and of the glory and power one could earn helping to cleanse the land.

Overpowered and Gestalt